29 Jul Why I Chose Sustainable & Locally Sourced Events

Everyone is trying to do their part to help the Earth. What most people don’t realize is the amount of waste leftover from events and what actually goes into planning an event.

People don’t realize that bringing in an item or product from miles away contributes to emissions, harms the environment. Sometimes people do not look at what they have locally because they saw this specific item or product at another event and have to have it at their own.

All the garbage and leftover food ends up in the landfill. Even though there are recycling bins, it is still a lot of trash. Not everyone recycles at an event, not every event has compost either.

As an Event Planner, I rather support local and save on emissions. I want to support local businesses that provide the same services as bigger corporations. I would rather go to the farmers and get what is in season then pay the price of a specific food to be brought in during the off-season. I would rather go to a flower farm and get local, in-season florals for an event then getting flowers that were shipped overseas.

At events, I want to create a system where we have recycling, compost, and garbage. I want to be able to reuse decor or have less decor if it is going to end up in the trash. I want to create policies or find ways to donate leftover food and flower arrangements.

I want to create and execute events that are not only meeting the needs of my clients, but ensuring the needs of future generations are not compromised. Welcome to my journey as a sustainable event planner.

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